A Small Boy Of The Somali Refugees Community Giving His Expression To The UNHCR In India.‏

A Small Boy Of The Somali Refugees Community Giving His Expression To The UNHCR In India.‏

Hyderabad(Allssc). Ladies and gentlemen dear guests and all the participants who got this opportunity for taking part this well organized ceremony now taking place in this beautiful place Hyderabad India..

Its great pleasure and privilege for me to be here on this afternoon, I’m 12 year old and one of Somali children refugees in Hyderabad so coming up here today I have no hidden agenda I am fighting for my future, losing my future is not like losing an election or a few point on stock market..

I am here to speak for all generation to come I am here to speak on behalf of starving children around the world particularly Somali children refugees whose crying is going hard I am here to speak for countless animals dying across streets because they have no where left to go I am afraid to go on a sun now because the housing of our sone  I am afraid to be the air because I don’t know what comical in it, I used to go fishing in Somalia my home with my happy family I used to go school with my dear brothers and sisters so in my life I have dreamt of seeing Somali children going to school and live with their dear mothers and fathers safely back home but I wonder what time or which year will come back home and resume or beautiful lives in Somalia for my children to see once again.

Therefore, did u have the worries of these things when you were my age?  all this is happening before our eyes and yet we act is we have all the time we want all the solution I am only a child and I don’t have all the solutions but I want you realize neither you, you don’t know how fix these major problems regarding school less if you don’t know how this fixed please stop breaking it the heart of Somali children refugees..

Here, you may be delegates of your government, UNHCR representatives, Cove members Human rights organizations, organizers and reporters but really your mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles and all of you are some one child, I am only a child yet I know we are all party of family  I am only a child yet I know  we are in this all together  and should act is one single word towards one single goal in my younger I am not blind and in my fear I am not  afraid of telling the word how I feel.

Three years ago here in Somalia I was shocked when I spent time some children living on streets this is what one child told us ‘’I wish I was rich and if I were I’ll give all street children food, medicines, shelter and love and affection’’ if a child on street who has nothing is willing to share why UNHCR who has everything still so greedy? I can’t stop thinking that these children my own age that a makes tremendous differences where you are born that I could be one of these children starving in Somalia victim of war, I am only a child yet I know if all the  money spent of war spend on finding environment answers ending poverty what a wonderful place this earth would be.

At school you teach us how to behave in the world, to not fight with others, to clean up our mass, to not hurt others dignity, to respect others to share not be greedy than why do you go out and do the things you told us not to do? Do not forget why you attending this conferences who you are doing this for? We are your own children you are deciding what kind of a world we are going to open, parents should be able to come for their children by saying everything is going to be all right is not the ending the world and we are doing best of we can but I don’t think you can say that to us any more, are we even on your list of priorities my mama always says you are what you do not what you say,  well what you do makes me cry at night you growing up say you love us but I challenge you please and please make your action reflects the world…thank you.

By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow(mr.black gold),

Indepedent Journalist,Advocate Somali Community in India, Hyd-India,

Tell:no:(+91) 9533305680/9654681518.

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