Carelessness of the UNHCR mission in New Delhi-India

The carelessness of U.N.H.C.R-New delhi-India:

Despite the ignored Somali Refugees’ problems are oeverwhelming. Let me review the suffering displaced Somali Refugees in India. It’s piteous and disastrous to be informed in the front of international community. The reality here the UNHCR in India which is still not ready to help the trebled people ,but it’s sure they failed to live up to their responsibility because some of the refugees passed away for lack of basic needs and hard life.

The growing problem which we can not continue to ignore is that of officers whom are meaninglessly and un-understandably discriminating the Somali people in particular which seems racism which is not in the international law. we are strongly opposing such behaviour in the UNHCR office in New Delhi, India.

In this world human life is superior than any other thing, the death is deepening and you can feel that how badly a Somali registered refugee mother named Fatima Shino died in the 2nd Sep’ 10 beacause of lack of health care which was very necessary for her life. and now before days 4 year old boy dies in 11th Nov’10 in Hyderabad which is making the dead Somali refugees on alert .

Finally the Somali Refugees Community in India are kindly requesting to be donated and interferred their worrying lives and futurity by UNHCR and humanitarian organisations because the dismoral of the refugees is prevailing and fostering day by day.

by:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (mr.blackgold),
Indepedent Journalist,Advocate Somali Community in India, Hyd-India. 9533305680/9654681518

One thought on “Carelessness of the UNHCR mission in New Delhi-India

  1. Ws walal wey jirtaa in Somalida meel waliba oo ay kutahay Refuge in lagu sameeyo discriminate marka fikir ahaan waxaan idiin dhihi lahaa Inaad ku binaan baxdaan oo aad muujisaaan waxa aad dabaneysiin.
    oo aad lakuluntaa Officer-ada kashaqeysa UNka.
    intaa ayaan idin dhihi lahaaa.

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