Irresponsibility of the UNHCR Mission In New Delhi-India

We want to take this opportunity to thank all the concerned authorities especially the Governments of India and USA, the UN, the politicians, political activists and all civil society in India.

For your assistance in highlighting and bringing to light the suffering and injustice to the Somali Community all over the world. And to also highlight the shortcomings of the UNHCR towards the Somali Community especially in India.

Since 2000 the Somali Community has been coming to India seeking refuge from the fighting that has been going on in Somalia since 1991. The Somali Community has been registering with the UN refugee organization the UNHCR for protection and assistance as refugees here in India. Here in India the UNHCR has cut down all the assistant aid to the Somali Community from March 2010. Since then at least 7 people have passed away (2 elderly and 2 kids) due to lack of assistance from UNHCR, this is breaking the laws of Human Rights and it is shameful to the World.

All displaced people who come here do not have or receive any assistance from UNHCR for instance the basic needs like SHILTER, EDUCATION, HEALTH CARE and etc.

We are demanding the Indian Government and the International Community to come up with a solution to this problem. This will help save Human lives and the future of the Somali Community. And also solve the CORRUPTION problem in the UNHCR in General, so that they can offer service as requested of them.

As a Somali Community in India we are also concerned with the future of our Youth, since they are jobless they may end up doing illegal activities and breaking the law as they try to find ways to make a living. Since there is no UNHCR assistance.

From now we request the Indian Government to follow up this issue of UNHCR cutting down all assistance to the Somali Community to avoid further violation of laws of Human Rights on Indian soil. It is the responsibility of the host Government to ensure that a voice is heard on behave of the refugees after they have voiced their concerns. We request that action be taken against those who are corrupt officials at the UNHCR, so that this kind of issue comes to an end no only in India but all over the World.


Regards from Central Somali Community in India.

Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (blackgold) |Freelance Journalist | Advocate Somali Refugees in India 9533305680/9654681518 |  Mumbai-India.

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