The Somali refugee residing in New delhi arranged a demonstration Against the (U.N.H.C.R ) mission in (New Delhi-India):

The Somali people residing in New Delhi as refugee arranged a demonstration

And anti slogans against the UNHCR mission in new Delhi after lack of refer

ence with their cases as they fulfilled the criteria of refugee. The people Complaining that they didn,t get their basic needs from this mission in new Delhi and

some time they provide them appointment with no expectations some times it takes ten years and over. The refugee residing there are expecting to get asylum seeker from other

developed countries as they live under poverty and didn,t get the mission their fundamentalism rights.. the UNHCR mission prevailed to provide any aid from this

disadvantaged community that with stand by a help and resettlement with a country that

can approach the Somali refugee as asylum seeker. The refuge consist of children and woman that are the weaker sections of society and stand by to provide urgent help to get

any country with irrespective with their identity if  they occupied the criteria of refugee

the refuge residing in  new Delhi arranged a sequence of demonstrations against mission as the mission prevailed to fulfill their appointments, and even they cut the monthly main

tenance they provide the refugee residing in new Delhi. They countered  discrimination

in Indian localities and even they don,t have access to education as well healthy care as

well the UNCHR  didn,t provide enough aid with their daily maintenance. They don,t

consider their case as sensitive in comparison with other nationalities.

Resettlement programm :

The united nation high commission  for refugees the mission in new Delhi prevailed to

Submit the applications of the Somali refugees the countries or consulates that can

Approach and recognize Somali people as aslum seekers. When the Somali refugees

Directly went the consulates of the developed countries they  asked as to get a declaration

Paper from the UNHCR mission in new delhi. The UN prevailed to provide that declaration paper and they believe in that they will encounter a problem if they provide

This paper with Somali refugee. The other impressive issues that there is denigration

Among the Somali refugees. the resettlement scheme of the  (UNHCR) has been used as

Profit  oriented proposes and that is against the code and conduct of the(UNHCR) mission in  New Delhi.

BY: Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (mr.blackgold),

Freelance journalist,Advocate Somali Community in India,

Destination : India,

Mobile no:( +91)9171775140/ 9654681518.

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