Abusing of Humanitrian of The UNHCR in India!

We are a Central Somali Community living in India .Some the people in our Community have been here since 2000.During this long duration of time we have come to face very disturbing problems directed towards our Community .Some of these problems as flows:

1.Corruption activities.

2.Legal Affairs.


4.Possiblity off Deportation.


Every Somali Refugee living or coming to study India faces all the above mentioned problems.

The presence of our Central Somali Community in India is as  a result of the on going fighting and civil war in Somalia since in 1991.Men ,Women and Children are fleeing the Civil war every day looking for peaceful place of refugee and India is one of these places.Since India do not sign to the Geneva Convention in 1951 for refugee program,therefore Staying  Refugees are not legal in India as per the Indian Constitution.

The UNHCR is the Arm of the United Nations that is concerned with the status of the Refugees.The UNHCR in India is Failing to do it’s Work to Assist the Refugees  especially the Central Somali Community .

The Refugees have only become a list of names together in the UNHCR Systems.The UNHCR does not provide the Basic needs Such as: FOOD,CLOTHING,HEALTH SERVICE,EDUCATION and etc to these Refugees (Central Somali Community )as is require by UNITED NATIONS,it’s shame the Somali Refugees are STARVING to death due to lack of FOOD,MEDICINE.These is abuse of Human Rights by a UN agency and it’s also shameful to both the UN and the Indian Government that this has continued to happen for many years.

As a Central Somali Community We feel like we have lost our Rights,Power,Humanity  due to this Kind of treatment by a people or a Country (India) say that largest Democratic Country.

As a Central Somali Community in India we are requesting ASSISTANCE  from  all the Concerned  parties,Humanitrian organizations and the Civil Society in India to help us DEAL and SOLVE the problems facing us ROUTINELY and are HARMFUL our lives in the last one DECADE.

By:Central Somali Community in India,

Tell.no:(+91) 9171775140/9654681518

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