In a strong message from the Somali refugees Community in India to the International Community,Human rights organizatins,telling that within two Months time,towo Children in one Family passed away because of unknown diseases and some kind of deathal the people saying that this is tragedy when a young girl named ANISO dies at 3:30 pm on 25/01/2011,because that Family death role reaches TWO within TWO months and it’s THE CARELESSNESS of the UNHCR mission in NEW DELHI-INDIA.

Now the other Children of that are in TREBLE CONDITION and they are SHOCKED and told to their fellows Somali refugees they can not stay or sleep that HOUSE any more because they lost their TWO beloved siblings in TWO months they are afraid of death for them selves.

all Somali refugees having this harm problems and mostly they are dying for starvation,anemia and BIG FREEZE going on here in India,most refugees are NOT having any BASIC protection such good shelter and good Health care,FORGOT ABOUT EDUCATION,RESULTMENT IN BLACK MARKETING that’s why mostly are dying in New Delhi and HYDERABAD-INDIA,UNHCR CUT-DOWN LAST YEAR ASSISTANCE AID FOR SOMALI REFUGEES,OR PAYMENTS FROM Y.M.C.A.

Finally Fatimo (shino),mohamed (jeer),Anwar,Aniso,omar pass away Indian soil lack of medicine and mostly they are dead simple diseases,likeMalaria, cholera, anemia,shortage Food etc without caring,inconsideration,carelessness of the unhcr mission in new Delhi-India.

How much painful to the international Community & human organisations and also Indian government?

By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow ( gold),

Freelance Journalist,Hyd-India,

Tell:no:(+91) 9171775140/9654681518..

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