The situation in Somali is not yet safe for people to go back and settle there since the beginning of the civil war in early 90s. The majority of population had to escape the civil war in order to save their lives and those of their families. Most of the Somali population that fled out from the war settled into neighbouring African and in Asian countries like Kenya, Ethiopia, Yemen, India, Hong Kong and Nepal as refugees looking for protection or seeking asylum. 

Since 2000 Somali refugees are increasing in India looking for protection and assistance from UNHCR Mission in New Delhi-India. UNHCR is a branch of the UN which is mandated to provide assistance and protection to refugees all over the world. In India the UNHCR Mission had been doing that to the refugees arriving in India but still it was not enough to cover for the needs especially of the Somali refugees. From March 2010 the UNHCR in New Delhi stopped all assistance AID to the Somali refugees. This has led to the coming up of major problems affecting the Somali refugees in India. Some of these problems are starvation, diseases and death.

This situation is getting close to be like the Ethiopian disaster of 1984 where millions of people died due to lack of basic needs like Shelter, Food, Clothing and Medical care. Without this assistance many Somali refugees will continue to suffer in silence because they don’t have the material support to shed light or to find ways to minimise and eradicate their suffering in India. We have informed the UNHCR Mission in New Delhi of our daily suffering without the assistance, but the Mission has not taken any action in changing the situation.

Finally as the Central Somali Community in India we request the Indian Government and concerned organisations to intervene in the current situation where by the UNHCR Mission in New Delhi has stopped providing assistance AID to the Somali refugees. Unfortunately due to the current situation refugees are dying every day on Indian soil.

Regards from the Central Somali Community in India,

Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.  blackgold),

Freelance journalist, Advocate for Somali Community in India,

Tel. No. (+91) 9171775140/9654681518.


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