The Central Somali Community in India Expressing in their Views to the UNHCR mission in New Delhi-India

Ladies and gentlemen good afternoon all of you…
Let me review some major problems facing the Somali refugees in their lives and it’s seems to be unreported to the International Community. We can not cover our problems on one page or one article and also its unforgettable hard situations in India, oh its deep chronic disease disaster and making shock to the World, needs to cure it not to kill indirectly.
a-Resettlement programs:
Somali refugees do not get enough Resettlement from the UNHCR mission in NEW DELHI-INDIA and this Office, not doing equal quota Resettlement programm, still in doubt where Somali Resettlement goes? And other human needs or basic human requirements for his life.
We feel sorry to say that the Central Somali Community in India gets as Resettlement 2 or 4 seats in a year and 1200 seats from USA, not included Canada, Australia.
b:Education System:
Somali refugees also do not have any good Education System at all and it’s damaging the name and dignity of the UNHCR mission in New Delhi –India. As Community we need to get Education for our Children same as other Children around the world, in order to avoid corrupt jobs like GANG, DRUG, TRAFFIKING and etc.
At least two Somali refugees have lost their valuable lives in India and both are under registration as mandate of the UNHCR OFFICE IN NEW DELHI-INDIA, reason is without receiving medicine on time in simple words lack of medicine and medical help.
Last but not the least, we, from the UNHCR mission In New Delhi-India request to double our basic ASSISTANCE and save Somali refugees dying from starvation, common diseases In New Delhi as well as Hyderabad-India.
Here in India Somali refugees do not have Health care, Education, Resettlement……..Somali Community ASKS WHY???!!!.

BY: Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr. Blackgold),
Independent Journalist and Advocate for Somali Community in India,
Destination India,
Tell. No 😦 +91) 9171775140/9654681518.

3 thoughts on “The Central Somali Community in India Expressing in their Views to the UNHCR mission in New Delhi-India

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  2. you really don’t seem to have any education since I could not understand most of your article.You should take somebody’s help in writing this blog. And are you blaming entire India for your problems!? or just UNHCR. because the common people in India already have many problems to tackle and you guys are just additional burden on exchequer. India already has many mouths to feed I don’t think it is ready take care of you community, please understand. don’t go on blaming entire country and it’s people (99.99% of them don’t even know that you are here as refugees). We respect your community and would like to help as much as our capacity allows.

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