Humanitarian appeal message sent from a downtrodden people of Somali refugees and the Committee on the Somali community in Yemen.

Humanitarian appeal message sent from a downtrodden people of Somali refugees and the Committee on the Somali community in Yemen.

To: The world headquarters of the United Nations New York.
To: The Commission President of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Geneva.
To: The Office of the Inspector General Office of the High Commissioner in Geneva
To: The Commission of the European Union – Brussels.

All the meanings of humanity urge you in the name of human rights we ask you in the name of human dignity. Our all of you voice the pain and humiliation address you Ncki you all oppression which misery tell the stories of the life of a bitter and miserable we are exposed almost daily show through horrors that have become a nightmare shocking and scary gripped our comfort and security.

We are a group of children were crushed human and deliberately a number of stakeholders and official marginalization and the confiscation of their rights and wasted aid …

Beginning of the story issue, we groups belong. By nature to the people of the human completed their meanings and centered man we Somali Refugees in Yemen increase for million of us children, women and men migrate from our home and left most of us refugees from the Somali State to escape the killings, death and famine, war and genocide, fear and religious persecution, ethnic, sectarian, fearing for our lives and the lives of our families, children and women of death and the foregoing.

1 – We recognize that the State and the Government of the people of Yemen Republic of Yemen has received all the spaciousness and welcomed the people of Somalia stricken since 1992 began Yemen respond to flow big of Somali refugees, and Yemen faces a number of significant challenges and unique with refugee issues and national issues of their own,,,,

2 – Reading through the means and media sites and news via the UNHCR office in Sana’a and other Yemeni news websites only! The Somali refugees are granted asylum since the very outset of their arrival?! And claims representatives of the Office of the High Commissioner in Yemen to provide the necessary assistance and protection of Somali refugees upon their arrival.

For that: A response We Refugees and surprised all is said and little by those official websites and news from the media in Yemen or other sites and means other news Every news that does not Nlamesha on the ground with all being nothing more than expressions newsletter written with ink on paper is not only ??!

We citizens of Somali refugees in Yemen suffer from discrimination, abuse and marginalization intentional and unintentional, there is no deep agony – we are without work and get health care and medicine are suffering from poverty and need and disease are transferred us to the government hospitals but Yemeni! We do not find medical and health care is they were giving the patient of us only reports diagnosed patient or condition is not giving us the medicine and treatment does not take place for refugees surgeries that hospitals being expensive expensive and if necessary the case and emergency conditions for the intervention of emergency surgery for refugees Somali there is very means other to pay those costs and culminating paid Somali refugee themselves and pay for the costs of doctors and medicine at the expense of the refugee If unable to pay or not there with him that money For the patient refugees to wait death, battling pain and her pain screaming and crying!! So he died.

3 – Most of the refugees are wasting their help and not to provide them with protection??

4 – Does not the UNHCR office in Sana’a and other branch offices with the rest of the governorates of Yemen not to provide assistance of any kind for the refugees.

5 – Already the offices of the High Commissioner for Refugees in Yemen with its partners NGOs and stakeholders Yemen has opened a number of camps for Somali refugees, but it hurts when we talk about the tragedy suffered by the refugees in Yemen (hunger) lack of water, lack of assistance, there is no care health and medical, education for children almost unavailable inside refugee camps, has become a pandemic live among his staff Hib disease claims refugees to the camps … etc..

6 – Are not entitled to a Somali citizen (refugees) Yemen has the right to work and has no right to purchase or possess what it takes to provide a happy life for him and his family no sources of refugees they bring pay and living refugees’ lives are threatened because of the special situation in Yemen.

7 – There Somali refugees and families stay and remain in Yemen as a refugee from 30-20-15 years however this did not take the Office of the High Commissioner Yemen decision resettlement to a third country, despite that the decision issued by the UNHCR office in the State of the Republic of Yemen?!

8 – There is erosion of the rights of refugees in unusual and corruption reached maximum grades horrific!!

9 – Already provide a number of refugees complaints and reports and letters to the representatives of the Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees in Yemen and a number of committees and the Yemeni government ministries did not find response is not adjudicate complaints and is not providing solutions to issues of Somali refugees in Yemen.

10 – Bear most of the great suffering refugees with their wives and children in the case of the desire to provide housing for refugee with his family, he should pay all that rent expenses and living at his own expense, UNHCR does not cost the same financial assistance or food!!!

11 – There are a number of topics undertaken by UNHCR offices in Yemen and their representatives shrouded mystery and uncertainty, where there a specific category of Somali refugees only offer them aid distinct and specific, so keep’s the headmaster and sensor of the situation and imagine him to Somali refugees all get all that care and assistance and this is unrealistic contact with you directly.

12 – Open health centers under the name of providing health and medical care for the refugees which sects bitter devoid of all the meanings of health and medical care needed by refugee and free of drugs, and there is no medical specialists inside This is a sad situation and the tragedy is very difficult.

13 – Does the Office of the High Commissioner does not have the resources and assistance to refugees or that corruption invaded the rights of Somali refugees in Yemen? Question looking for an answer to this tragic reasons the description far less than the fact that the suffering of Somali refugees and other refugees of other nationalities in the Republic of Yemen.

– So as not to remain refugees under the influence of the violation and the wastage of resources and exposure to the corruption that crushed and increase their pain and suffering and to put an end which is simpler to the rights of refugees in Yemen has made a number of Senate Somalis in Yemen – and the Council of Administration Somali community in Yemen and a number of concerned refugee camps Somalis in Yemen and a number advisers and concerned embassy and relevant organizations and on the Status and refugee issues Somalia, Yemen All of them filed a proposal will be announced after drafted last that will be issued for entities referred her above and will emerge out of this workshop on 01/03/2013 AD to find radical solutions actors and urgent to resolve issues of Somali refugees in Yemen .

Letter and the report issued coverage, research and field visits carried out by human rights activist Adel Ali Haddad, Executive Director of the Organization of compassion social development and the defense of human rights.

Under the cover of the program issues and the situation of Somali refugees in Yemen sponsored a particular journalist Mohammed Hanash newspaper revolution. This suit for all media to cover the outcome of the workshop and what will come out by the concerned authorities.

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