Central Somali Community in India Sad denying Australian Government

AS we are Central Somali Community in India since 2000,We are very sorry and Sad that The Australian Government denying that the Massive Corruption Roots of the UNHCR as a Global as already told media Dr.Sharman Stone (MP)and it’s happening both Immigration Australia and USA in 2009.

All refugees in any were and any Country that Refugees are living are suffering lack of Security,Discrimination,Legal Problems,misusing power,lack of management about Assistance Aid For Refugees Programs,Gan rape activities are nowa-days becoming daily life and all ASSISTANCE AID GOES OTHER THEN REFUGEES AS A BLACK MONEY.

In Africa Most of the Refugees are Somalis and if you study deeply of their lives you can feel such real Disaster and there IS no life at all.2002 Some Somalis are told the IRIN that Resettlement or Humanitarian Visas are under Corruption, after long Investigation IRIN got BEGGEST BLACK MONEY by the UNHCR officers in Nairobi-Kenya.

Likewise Here In New Delhi-India the UNHCR office it’s one of the Corrupted Office and unfortunately Australian Government Denying on that and We have Document about that Corruption and we will prove it if required, we also standing our Evidence. More than one Dozen has loss their Valuable Lives here in India after when they flee out Civil War in Somalia in  1991,and the Horn African Civil War going on  more than One Decide.

How many Countries agreed the UNHCR Corruption in India?who is Responsible Somali Refugees Dying in India for Starvation?why the UNHCR Stopped all Assistance Aid For Somali Refugees?why the Somali Refugees getting force Deportation Indian Government?

Central Somali Community in India,
Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (mr.blackgold),
Freelance Journalist and Advocate Somali Community in India,

Thanks,We Receive your Comments and Your Suggestions

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