Central Somali Community in India

As We are Central Somali Community in India we are appealing the Dozens of Dying of the Somali Refugees as a Starvation here in India and the UNHCR office in Delhi al ready stopped all Assistance Aid for Somali Refugees march 2010 that’s why are Somali Refugees dying and lack of treatment CARELESSNESS,IRRESPONSIBILITY  OF THE UNHCR.
Now Situation getting critical Humanitarian background and it’s biggest Abuses about Somali Refugees in South Asia already they have some harmful things like Discrimination,legal status and Security problems and Criminal Activities and Assassination are becoming more than Professional Skills.
As a Central Somali Community in India we Reach BJP,anti corruption movement regarding this issue and all promises to Help all refugees and saying that it should get solution to the refugees who are daily coming to the    all Indian states.
Generally Corruption needs effective action not only words or simple promises because refugees are increasing day by day and also Corruption going speed unlimited so that it’s very essential to Final Solution both in order to remove it and India should become GREENLAND FREE ROOTS OF CORRUPTION.
lastly all refugees are hopeless and it’s easy to use illegal activities because they are poor background even they can not get daily food and all are under registration of the mandate of the UNHCR mission in New Delhi-India and they are illegal as per Indian constitutions,also Indians do not sign Geneva Convention in 1951 Refugees program in Switzerland.
Central Somali Community in India,
Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (mr.blackgold),
Freelance Journalist and Advocate Somali Community in India,

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