The Somali Refugees are Dying Indian Streets

Central Somali Community in India:

First Journalist  exposed The Somali Refugees and their hard Situation faced in Different parts in India was Kassim Isse Dhuhulow after when he can not take Patience Hundreds and Thousands losses of the Somali Refugees Dying Daily simply on the  Streets of India

There is an office UNHCR here in New Delhi-India and they stopped all Assistance Aid or Refugees Program  For Somali Refugees such as : Shelter,Food,Clothing,Education and Health care,when the Human beings did not get those basics it’s difficult to survive on this World.

The Refugees and Donor Countries does not know still  why they cut all Assistance Aid for Particular Refugees in India and why they dying for Starvation,Diseases and other harmful things.

Most of the Developed Countries they wake up,showed their concern about  the DEAD of the Starvation and malnutrition  of the Somali refugees here In India they got surprise thing and shocked.all Different Intelligent people agreed is their a Massive roots of Corruption covered office of the UNHCR mission In New Delhi-India and Normal people they can not Understand such Black Marketing going on under Ground,because all refugees in this World they are Voiceless, Right-less that is why all Refugees are dying on the Heart of the Cities and Streets In India.

How much is Painful as Human being?How long we can fight such Huge Corruption in India?

Central Somali Community in India.

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