Chief mission of the UNHCR and Remarkable things In India

As we are The Central Somali Community in India,We would like to inform you that the UNHCR officers Corruption is not changing even if chief  Montserrat Feixas Vihe is changed and in Generally Corruption in India is not Ending unless The Indian Constitution make changes and effective anti-Corruption Law.

The major and killer Chronic here in India is Corruption Term and the World still not get solution,to treat in order to make protection deeply, remove all roots of this killer disease because it’s harmful to the innocent people like Refugees who not having Rights and Voice to reach powerful political parties.

Mrs. Montserrat Feixas Vihe the Chief of the UNHCR in India   we will always remembering and it’s in our Heart that at the  time of her work in  UN Agency office what happen to the Somali Refugees and most terrible things  like Starvation and lack of Medicine ever faced the Somali Refugees in India plus her link stopping the Assistance Aid or Financial Support to the Refugees who are in need at any were any Time Specially Somali Refugees and She  stopped in  march 2010 that’s why more one Dozen Somali refugees losses their lives after flee out the Somalian  Civil war in 1991 it’s very shameful to entire Indian Nation and Indian civil society to fight against such Corruption affected to the Present lives of Refugees.

also we will not forgot about the Huge and Massive force Deportations From India to Somalia and all are Under Registration of the mandate of the UNHCR In India,the irresponsibility,Carelessness of the staff office in Visant Vihar,New Delhi-India.

Lastly all activities which  are going  here in New Delhi-India are against Human Rights Violation Act 1951, .and now the Indian government and United Nations are not taking much care about the refugees and their Current situation, and it is the Worst and biggest Abuses of the Humanitarian Affairs in India.

The Central Somali Community in India.

One thought on “Chief mission of the UNHCR and Remarkable things In India

  1. Ms Monsterrat,. The comments of the somali refugees in India must have done you proud. One prays that you better still. in your new assignment. WE and the Afghan Refugees shall always remember the good work you did here.Khalid

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