Shortage Of Drinking Water For Somali Refugees in India:

Since 2000 Number of Refugees are Comming to India seeking a protection From the UNHCR Office here in New Delhi-India and Nowa-days they are Increasing Gradually,a Somali Refugees are coming to India in Different ways and it is depending upon background Asylum-Seeker and his Community and their Income.some Refugees are coming through Flight Ship and Boat also they face terrible things during their Travelling From Somalia to India specially those coming through sea they are Very dangerous Situations between death and Live passing through hundreds and Thousand Miles of Distance in order to get Better life.

unfortunately when they Reach India going an Immediately The UNHCR office in Vasant Vihar New Delhi-India for Registration and they only apply Refugees status under mandate of the UNHCR Office in India but office making just filling and putting Asylum-Seekers in their Systems and to buggering ( sodomy)to the World and they getting millions of money in the Names Somali Refugees every Year.Bad and Sad thing is that the Refugees are not Receiving any Assistance or Financial Support From UN Agency of Refugee and instead all asylum-Seekers Aid goes to other Areas other than Refugees.

The Corruption in UNHCR is more Evidenced by the incidence of 2009 where Humanitarian Visas were sold to a Normal people who are not Refugees and it’s against Law it’s also reflecting YMCA in times of Financial mismanagement and forcing Refugees to take Christianity,”Corruption is killing innocent people indirectly like Asylum-Seekers”

Lastly but not the least this is very Shameful to the Entire Indian Nation, society and Humanitarian Organizations that the Somali Refugees in India are not Receiving even any kind of Drinking Water here in New Delhi-India?!

Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.blackgold),
Freelance journalist and Advocate Somali Refugees in India, 9171775140/9654681518.

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