Forgotten Of Universal Day of the UNHCR In New Delhi-India



United Nations of High Commission for Refugees established in the Year 1951 after Ending of Second War World when half of Global People flee out different part of location and Demanded more PROTECTION and CARE of Human being Lives when the World population saw the Result of Unlimited War at Time. The UNHCR put the first root in Geneva Switzerland as base and Even Now it’s Headquarters of the United Nations of The Refugees Agency. This programmes was started to HELP and for Protection all Different Refugees backgrounds in this World.


The UNHCR has Branches and the Organization (UNHCR) gets Donations in Different Donor Countries as an “ASSISTANCE AID FOR REFUGEES PROGRAMMES” and Asylum-Seekers Depending upon that Collected AID but it’s Not Reaching Due to many reasons Such as:Corruption,Mismanagement,Power.It’s Unfortunate that ALL ASSISTANCE AID FOR REFUGEES PROGRAMMES are Used for Business Profit Oriented and personal uses purpose and Asylum-Seekers are DYING for simple Diseases Like :chelora.Malaria,Anamea what is more Starvation Disaster and Large Poverty Specially in Africa, Asia and Developed Countries have Give up Unlimited Refugees Specially Muslims and is there Massive of Unemployment.


Experts are believing that if Donor Countries Improve and Develop Techniques,Tools and Machanism of ANT-CORRUPTION of the UNHCR her in New Delhi-India as a Great example and also make a Proper Investigation why Huge Number Of Refugees losing their Lives after fleeing out their Countries.A team or Group should be appointed and have to clear look at the matter in a deep depth also they must check out Financial Management and Humanitarian Visas (resulttment)


Finally Refugees are hoples  Voiceless and without Rights here in New Delhi-India also the UNHCR Office in Delhi Fails to Help or even make Protection. Every Year The United Nations For Refugees participate it’s Universal Day held here in  Delhi  but there is no more, and Now Asylum-Seekers are asking each other when will the UNVERSAL DAY OF THE UNHCR be held again?


 By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (mr.blackgold),Freelance Journalist and Advocate for Somali Community in India, 9171775140/9654681518.




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