Senseless of the UNHCR officers In New Delhi-India:

Ruwaida Abdi Negeye pass away on 22/06/2013 in the Max Hospital here In India after suffering at Different Diseases Such as :LIVER,GASTRO,ANEMIA long time. She was one of the Registered Somali Refugees of the mandate of the UNHCR office in Delhi and her Death was shaking in Minds The Somali Community and as well as other Refugees Communities Like Iranians and Afghans.

Nobody can tell exactly number of Refugees in South Asia because Asylum-Seekers are Crossing Borders day by day in Order to save their Lives as they run away due to Continuous war in their Countries and those refugees  they don’t have anything except  status of refugees ( refugees certificate) Receiving From the UNHCR Office in Visant Vihar New Delhi-In India.

All Refugees are feeling sad about Unlimited death of their Colleagues and all are saying it’s Carelessness and Irresponsibility of the UNHCR office in SOUTH ASIA also all Community leaders added that we have to make Great Unity among us because we one Family we are all Refugees and feel Responsibility and we have to also make a Registration our Asylum-seekers who pass away In India continuously, it’s as a Proof and Evidence also they are our Blood. Our Complain we must Convey loudly to the Indian Government, the International Community, the Headquarters of the UNHCR in Geneva,Switzerland,all Concerned Humanitarian Organizations.

On The other hand the UNHCR office here in New Delhi-India they didn’t respond to these shocking incident till Now still weather orally or Written “we don’t have any help or even any Assistance as Humanitarian is Concerned about From The UNHCR Office we are only trying to providing Assistance Health care and treat our Sister but Unfortunately it was Surprise Death and shocking “said relatives.

Lastly India becoming like South Africa when the Speed of deaths of The Somali Refugees living in India Since 2000,almost Thousands and Hundreds are losing their valuable lives Daily and no body speaks about that trouble and horrible situations facing all Individual Somali Refugees particularly, this surprise incident where the matter shakes the hearts of the refugees, now every Somali refugees  ask why the are not doing protesting/demonstration and the reason is every Somalian refugee are afraid UNHCR officers to write in their  Names in Black list or black book, so It’s Against Human being Freedom (International Law) and it’s the Deep  the massive roots of the CORRUPTION of the UNHCR mission In New Delhi-India.

How much painful this DISASTER of the UNHCR officers in New Delhi-India? Who is Chargeable This Humanitarian Abuses? Who will FIGHT this deep Massive Roots of Corruption Ever in this World?

By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.blackgold),

Freelance Journalist and Advocate for Somali Community in India, 😦 +91) 9171775140/9654681518.

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