Returning Homeland For Somali Refugees In The World:


The Central Somali Community in India:

Last Week Visits of Antonio Guterres to The  Chief Headquaters of the UNHCR in the  Capital Of Somalia Mogadishu where he  made a proposal and the policy of the Returning of the Somali Refugees to the Federal Government of Somalia, where he met the Parliament spokesman Mohamed Mohamud Osman (Jawahiri) and External Minister (Fowsiyo Haji Adan).

Both sides are talking about How Somali Refugees in the World are Returning back to their Homeland, Security Issues, Housing,Travelling
and Pocket Money Expenses of the Refugees  and Huge Deaths of Somalians in South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Libya, Yemen, India.

The Proposal and the Policy Come from The UNHCR and they promise to pay all needed expenses to the Somalian Authorities in order make all facilities to their Citizens as a Brother and Sister and they have to build their Homeland once again.

The Federal Somali Government Agreed to the proposal but The Government Linkage it’s Corruption as per the UNITED NATIONS and their report to the Somalian Aid were used personal Use and Somalia is not Save, they take examples every day bomb blast happening and explosions targeted UNDP and other civilian Areas, now activities are becoming daily and Normal  Life by the Somalians.

Somalian Refugees In The World are paying attention on that Corruption policy and proposal of the UNHCR it’s far from the reality and it’s
darkness to the Weak Government and their lorry overloaded of the both Corruptions, It’s unacceptable to Return Somali Refugees in Somalia
because it’s not peace and save, Refugees are in Danger if Returned, we will give our alter to the Returning Homeland For Somali Refugees In
The World specially we are Conveying our loud voice to the Donner Countries  and to the Concerned Organizations.

Somali Refugees are Demanding to make further Investigations why Huge Deaths of the Somali Refugees in the World and the Massive roots of the Corruption of the UNHCR in the World, particularly In South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Yemen and India?.
By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.blackgold),
Freelance Journalist and Advocate For Somali Community in India, 9171775140/9654681518.

*Central Somali Community in India:*
“Exposing  the Massive Corruption Involved by the Staff of the UNHCR Office
in New Delhi-India”.

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