Somali Refugees are spare part bodies in India

As We are The Central Somali Community in India we Would like to share you that  Our  First Investigation Result regarding body stolen at the Time Death of Human Body and India was Center of body spare parts although Now stopped by The Indian government after Huge complaint and protests over all Indian states.
It’s virgin and New Case in the Eyes of Somalis even never heart  their lives  but in India it’s Normal and mostly taken places in the  Government Hospitals  here in South Asia, also it’s biggest   Criminality of human body to use as  a spare parts   and given to another person in profit Oriented purposes and Organism  such as: Kidney,Liver,Hear,Eyes,theeth and etc as per local Indians here in Hyderabad-India.
Right now we having one case From Hyderabad and two cases are in New Delhi-India,all cases admitted Indian Government Hospitals then they pass away in the Hospital,later when grieving Time came  were bodies Found taken some parties of their body.
This incidents are not New here  in India but it’s New in the Eyes of Somali Refugees in Indian states  and no body can do proper investigation, Registration and the Reason behind this Criminality Issue happening now In India.
Most Individuals who dying for Starvation,Killer Diseases  in  Hospitals and Indian Streets are Under Registration of the Mandate of the UNHCR here in New Delhi-India and every thing Corrupted and no one Questioning the Massive roots of the UNHCR Corruption in South Asia?
By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.blackgold),
Freelance Journalist and Advocate For Somali Community in India, 9171775140/9654681518.
Central Somali Community in India:
“Exposing  the Massive Corruption Involved by the Staff of the UNHCR Office in New Delhi-India”. 9171775140/9533305680/9654681518.

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