Swedish woman shot and injured in Mogadishu the capital of Somalia and Dies in Kenya

At least two Somalia police have killed while other one who said to be Swedish by national injured after armed men attacked when hey passing area of KM4 in Mogadishu the Somalia on Wednesday after armed men raided her vehicle.

A driver and woman’s translator have been reportedly killed in the attack. Although somae reporters indicated that two Somalia police have been seen died at the sense
That the woman was attacked after returning from Somali university office in KM4 where she visited.
She was later rushed to Halane hospital for treatment and later on took to Kenya and she Dies her injuries

The motive if the attack is vague as the Somali government has not yet commented on the incident.
However this is the new incident since Hassan sheik handed at the presidential palace,

The Mogadishu security is seems to be free of hand while the Somalia president replaced some of the military commander as we as other police officer has been lost their passion after failed handing of the duties.


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