Swedish police against Somali Shop assistant Abdi Jama and broke his wrist.

Shopkeeper Delgash Ramadhan has still not been able to digest what took place in her grocery Chronograph Life in Växjö yesterday morning.

– I myself have taken this very personally. I feel very offended, she says.

The incident occurred after a police patrol stopped a car that according Smålandsposten coated with EXERTION ban. One of the men who were in the car then ran from the vehicle and a police officer gave chase after him. The unknown man fled into Krono life and went into the kitchen behind the store where Abdi Jama and his colleague sat and had coffee.

Fractured wrist

– Another man runs after him. I may later find out that it’s a police officer, for he legitimates itself not. He had the baton in one hand and pepper spray in the other, saying Delgash Ramadhan.

The hunted man managed to escape in the turmoil that erupted in the kitchen. The two shop assistants who suddenly and unprepared ended up in a police chase went the worse.

– Police run into the kitchen, spray them straight in the eye and hit with batons, said Delgash Ramadhan.

Abdi Jama is now with his right arm in a cast after breaking wrist in the scuffle. He claims that it was the police baton blow that caused the injury.

– The first thought that struck me when the police ran into was that there was a fire in the house, so I tried to take me out. When I take the doorknob hit me on the hand police with batons, said Abdi Jama.

Police investigated

Delgash Ramadahn says Abdi Jamas colleague has sore eyes after police should have sprayed pepper spray on him.

The police were on Saturday afternoon did not give any information about what happened in the store. Abdi Jama and Delgash Ramadahn have notified the police conduct. According Växjö police press officer Robert Loeffel have the matter sent to the police internal affairs unit in Skåne.



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