The Central Somali Community in India

As we are the Central Somali Community in India Living in different part in over Indian States, Since 2000 and we would to inform you that the best multiple service hospitals in India to the African Contents as well as Arab Society and in Particularly Our Great Somali people around the World.

We have best facilities in India which are also affordable to the every body and the every one should receive proper health care,treatment in order to achieve all patient’s wishes that one day they cured and be fit.

As Community we spent much time to get best hospital facility and best treatment to our Society in India last one decide already taken hundreds and thousands of African and Arab People to our Services here in India and all are get their expectation of their chronic disease treatment plans

.Our Community helping to the poor people who are in need for treatment through International Organizations and also we getting Supporting some Individuals who are ready to help backward society specially hard situation and unlimited war of tribalism/clans becoming normal thing and daily use and it’s roots are very famous in East African Countries in order to save Human Lives as Humanity.

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download (2)
download (3)

We have different estimate Costs of different Hospitals in India,also we have pick up Patient and Drop patient to the Air Port when the Patient finished his treatment planning also Patient can get one day tour before his back to the Homeland.

“we care all Services and Facilities one by one in order to make sure satisfaction of our Society/people Around the World”.

The Central Somali Community in India,

Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.blackgold),

Freelance Journalist And Advocate For Somali Community in India, 9171775140/9654681518.

Thanks,We Receive your Comments and Your Suggestions

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