Seeking An Urgent Intervention From Indian Government and the International Community

As We the Central Somali Community in India we would to ask immediately intervention from the Indian high authorities that our situation in India getting worst ever Indian History.

Member of The Central Somali Community are dying for crucial diseases,famine and starvation inside Somalia as well as in least more than 13 Somali refugees loss their lives in India after flee out civil war in Somalia 1991.

The UNHCR office in New Delhi-India becoming most corrupted last one decide take for instance
The UNHCR Corruption in India 2009 | csomalian…/the-unhcr-corruption-in-india-200…
May 15, 2013 – India: Independence of and corruption within the judicial system (2007 – April 2009) Publisher Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada …

were all Humanitarian aid all Assistance Need by the Refugees used Business Oriented and it’s goes other then Refugees.that’s  why huge number of the Somali refugees  are Dying simple diseases which is curable like Anemia,Malaria & Chrola. All Somali Refugees are gave up in their lives here in India and office becoming just by name and not helping to the Asylum-seekers therefore  it’s unfortunately to the UNHCR and they are claiming that they are helping for refugees giving protection to the needed and our Woman and  Children losing their lives on daily basis in different parts in India.

this corruption matters we publish many times in Indian Media but Indians are looking corruption only they are not taking serious.there is no Humanity in India “every thing becoming corrupted weather Media,Legal Issues,business,Immigration and Social images.Corruption has gone every door in India.

We are appealing to the Indian Government and International Security to intervene to fight against the massive roots of the Corruption of the UNHCR affected refugees lives in India and huge death of the Somali Refugees and for sure  one day they will get justice in any were in this World.

When they are getting justice Somali Refugees victims in India?
who will fight the massive roots of the Corruption of the UNHCR in India?

The Central Somali Community in India,
Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.blacgold),
Freelance Journalist and For Somali Community in India, 9171775140/9654681518.

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