‘Honouring corrupt candidates common practice in elections’


Former judge of the Supreme Court K.T. Thomas has said on Wednesday that honouring the corrupt has become a practice in Indian elections. Greater vigil needed to be exercised by the people as well as the organs of democracy to free the country from the clutches of corruption, he said. Mr. Thomas was addressing a seminar on corruption and electoral reforms, organised by YMCA, Ernakulam, as part of its platinum jubilee celebrations. Terming corruption as a post-independent phenomenon, he said Indians seemed to have accepted it and decided to live by it. The government had facilitated corruption through several Acts. Political parties are allowed to receive cash from companies as the restriction on payment through cheques was repealed. “Indian system is an escape route for politicians,” he said. On several occasions when the Supreme Court had passed verdicts to curb corrupt practices indulged in by the people’s representatives, the legislatures had come out with Bills to circumvent them. The Supreme Court had rightly stepped in recently to ban those representatives who had been convicted. He said the electoral reforms should ensure that only those who secure more than 50 per cent of votes polled should be declared as winners. Preferential voting pattern could be adopted. By-elections were a big drain on the economy which was unnecessary and there were methods to avoid such spending, he said. Subramanian Swamy, former Union Minister; Abraham Thomas, president of YMCA; Babu Varghese, general convenor, jubilee celebrations; A.S. Saroja, Principal, Government Law College, and others spoke

Sources:the Hindu News Paper.

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