The UNHCR doubling beggars of the Refugees pictures in the World:


unchr2The United Nations Refugees Agency started collecting photos both Refugees/Asylum -seekers and the reason is to mobilize and making black income in the names of the Refugees in this World.The staff of the UNHCR are claiming they are working as Humanitarian and

Volunteers to the Refugees and promising if they given their pictures they will help them and will solve all their problems in Domestically and they give basic Human Needs like shilter,Food,Cloths and etc also they promise they will give soon Humanitarian Visas (Resulttment) of the Developed Countries like USA,CANADA,AUSTRALIA and EUROPE.

All innocent Refugees are giving their photos in order to benefit the chance and miss it but it’s fake promises that they making corrupted staff of the UNHCR and also their NGos Partners in the World, it’s biggest Humanitarian Abuses and it’s look like Ethiopian disaster in 1984 and Philippines disaster in 2013.

refugees-5Now all the united Nations of High Commission for Refugees are beginning meetings to the Asylum-Seekers and to the Refugees to get their personal photos and also they spending Human energy, small money in order to get more Black Money as a Corruption basis.Taking and Collecting slam areas as a fake pictures are normal in poor Countries and they make  Black Income like that only and unfortunately the UNHCR officials always claiming that they are Humanitarian and Volunteers workers to the Refugees, really that all Claiming are baseless and fake oral only but really and for reality  they are corrupted criminals and killers of the innocent Refugees in the World.

The Central Somali Community in India ( keeping on Eye all the massive Roots of the UNHCR Corruption in the World in particularly in India as transparency in order to show world unreported Refugees dying daily (save refugees) in India and Indian Government part of the Corruption that already killed thousands and Hundreds of the Refugees seeking refugees-4protection other than their homeland  also Indian dignity under question mark ,now Indian society and Refugees are so surprised that domestic NGos  and International NGos are busy are becoming Corrupted close Partners in to getRefugees images to make fake Advocacy to the World.the Refugees are appealing to the disaster of the Trafficking Refugees pictures in the Globe and they demanding  quickly and Soon  intervention both the UNITED NATIONS ,Donor  Countries and Indian Society in order to minimize the Refugees Grieves in India also to give proper protection and save innocent lives. Innocent Refugees are   hopping  from AMM ADAMI PARTY  with Youngest  of the  Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal  to change and to also remove all corrupted Political System  in Indian soil as well as the UNHCROffice here in New Delhi-India.

refugees-3The Community and other Refugees are not also  for getting the Different Corruption and Scams of the UNHCR About Immigration and Reselttment or Humanitarian visas Corruption  in New York 2007 (USA)  and Sydney 2009 (Australia) and Canadian Immigration spent the circulation of the UNHCR scams  and Immigration  makes  enough evidence and Huge proof that all Humanitarian Efforts are Under Corruption by the UNHCR officials and articles this links bellow  and Australian Immigration


By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.blackgold),

Freelance Journalist and Advocate For Somali Community in India, 9171775140/9654681518.

Central Somali Community in India:
“Exposing  the Massive Corruption Involved by the Staff of the UNHCR Office in New Delhi-India”. 9171775140/9533305680/9654681518.

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