India: 12 men who carried out the order of the traditional elders to rape a 20-year-old (Pictures):

Court in India has been set up in 12 – man accused of raping a 20 – year-old , Suri environment State of West Bangal India.This was a shock to the elders in the area after they ordered the girl would be in contact with another man from another clan headed to rape .State environmental Suri Bangal is customary for a girl born without any contact with another man can not live in the area.

Rape victims woman said she would contact with another man , and admitted to the hospital when she was raped. Court began hearing 12 men raped the girl and an old traditional issued the order .A woman who was raped was arrested trees before here rape. Media image from the 12 -man sexually assault the woman and tree .

India is one of the world’s countries to rape and sexual assault , with the recent Visitor girl , was born in Denmark have been raped , while deeply about these events and international media.

Indian civil societies and different Community Refugees are much worry about the  future  Indian Women and In Particularly in their relatives and Relations and  nowa-days rape cases is becoming something  normal and daily life in India. Both side are agreed  and they said in lordly it’s all about the Massive Roots of the Corruption going  in The Country.





By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.blackgold),

Freelance Journalist and Advocate For Somali Community in India, 9171775140/9654681518.

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