Cancellation of Refugees Status (Certificate) of the United Nations of High Commission For Refugees In New Delhi-India:

Cancellation of  Refugees Status (Certificate)  of the United Nations of High Commission For Refugees  In New Delhi-India:

Dear sir….

My name is mr.Kassim,Somalian National,my case no:( 05IND 180) Under Registration of the mandate of the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) In New Delhi-India.

Herby I’m in strong Declaring that to make my cancellation procedure of my Refugees Status and Informing to office as a Second Time and I didn’t get or even receive any Respond Regarding my Cancellation and serious demand.

Iam making my Decision with out any fear or pleasure and I’m so happy to do it and iam fit and my Health Status it’s so excellent.


It’s my own Decision and making in delay time with out any regret and it’s my Durable solution of my life and my long future after when I give up the office regarding my Ten years case and till I’m with out solution.


Honsetly I’m doing my Cancellation of my Refugees Status with major Reasons that I met in the office before my final and my durable solution and for instance MISMANAGEMENT,MISTREATMENT,MISCONDUCT and other Humanitarian Abuses in the UNHCR Office Here in New Delhi-India,because of my marooned and forgotten case do not met any Review,Evaluation and Consideration from the Office and Even you can not any Officer that you can discuss and tell your serious matters in emergency cases Refugees mat face ,so I did not Receive any kind of Humanitarian mercy from the UNHCR office here in New Delhi-India that why my cancelling my Refugees Status and kindly help me all procedures Regarding Deportation From India to Somalia and all Documentation facilities in order to return  my homeland Somalia.


By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.blackgold),

Freelance Journalist and Advocate for Somali Community in India, 9171775140/9654681518.

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