Serious Issues Somali Community facing In New Delhi-India;

As we the Central Somali Community in India since 2000,we we would like to inform  the World and Donor Countries that we in extremely against the Carelessness and Irresponsibility  of the UNHCR  and Refugees are suffering from different kind of Problems such us:Lack of medical Health care,Security problems,Financial and Gun-rape here in India and the UNHCR is not considering the Serious cases among the Somali Community in India who dying for starvation in India daily and they close their Eyes.
As the Central Somali Community in India we come to know that these days their are some serious cases in the Somali Community and is there  many serious cases in the Community in the risk situation and some our society were targeted as Gun rapes activities are normal and daily basis  in  the Capital of India New Delhi and mostly are old Woman and Children was rapped in different location in New Delhi and also some Indian states and unfortunately  the UNHCR were located in the Capital New Delhi-India.
Most of those cases the UNHCR close their Eyes and some of the Refugees members were got help from other people other than the UNHCR office and it’s very shameful to the entire the Humanitarian Organizations and also the Indian Government.
Day bay day the Community is suffering in India and the problems getting more worst specially safety of Woman and Children in particularly in New Delhi-India.
As We the Central Somali Community in India,we very urgently seeking The International Community and concerned Human Rights Organization all of the World to intervene the disaster situation facing the Refugees in India and the World can see the link below how the the UNHCR office in south Asia concerned the Refugees problems in India.
As you see if you read in the link the Nepal Office of the UNHCR little bit concerned about the Refugees suffering and they trying to escape the different charges of Corruption about the Resettlement and Financial mismanagement  but in India lack of basic human needs and Humanitarian Assistance in particularly in India and Normally Indian societies are suffering Corruption affected Indian dignity since Indian Independent in 1947.
By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.blackgold),
Freelance Journalist and the Advocate for Somali Community in India, 9171775140/9654681518.

Central Somali Community in India:
“Exposing  the Massive Corruption Involved by the Staff of the UNHCR Office in New Delhi-India”. 9171775140/9533305680/9654681518.

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