Indian Election and Somali Refugees starvation:

Most of the Somali Refugees are came to India for protection and security issues and always they got Registration from the UNHCR office in visant vihar New Delhi-India, receiving only Refugees status in order to get all basic human needs like SHELTER,FOOD,CLOTHING,also secondary items are not having such as: Health care, Education and etc unfortunately they didn’t get their rights and it’s due to a mismanagement, power and in generally a massive Roots of Corruption affected Refugees lives and biggest Humanitarian abuses ever in the World.


Somali Refugees are facing very hard situation in their lives because of shortage Food and proper hygiene water  they drink unfiltered water and most of the Somali Refugees are suffering kidney stone diseases and they don’t have proper water to drink as a drink water and also  is there food shortage, sometimes you may get  a Refugees eat one time or even  don’t  eat for a day, they got different chronic diseases, Refugees are dying for  Anemia, Malaria, Cholera and they don’t  have a proper Health care and it’s normal to see our Somali society losing their valuable lives after when they  flee out the Somalia civil war in 1991 without treatment and   lack of medicine in India, Refugees may happen to consume and take  expired medicine without knowledge or without knowing it  and   now huge number of the Somali Refugees are dying  for starvation here in India and it’s unaccounted of the Humanitrian abuses in India last Two Decide.


Somali Refugees are give up in their lives and hopeless, they become a Refugees without Rights and Voices  in additional that Discrimination,Racism,Police Harassment, Corruption  and Gang rape and these activities are not get solution whether the United Nations Refugee Agency or Even Indian Government and they becoming as a shameful  to the entire Indian Nation and above activities are happening on daily basis in the capital New Delhi-India.


India is not sign Refugees program or Humanitarian program in Geneva  Switzerland in 1951,therefore staying Refugees are illegal as per Indian constitution and Indian Law but nobody  keeps the Law and already  used money to cross and broke the Law easily.



On the other hand to day started voting for General Election for prime minister candidate for India coming five years and world on the Eye on this Election because it’s hardest  and toughest Election ever India last 60 years and parties are UPA (Congress),BJP and AAM AADAMI PARTY.


Congress party are suffering different scams and Corruption charges and their nominee is mr.Rahul Gandhi Vice president of the Congress party but majority Indian voters and willing to vote for BJP candidate shri narendra Modi and AAM ADAMI PARTY candidate shri Arvind Kejriwal and both parties decide who will next prime minister for India and World and Indian civil society are watching how they fight Corruption, National security, Refugees  and African Refugees Issues  and evaluating the Indian Dignity to the World.


By: Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.Blackgold),

Freelance Journalist and Advocate For Somali Community in India, 9171775140/9654681518.



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