World Humanitarian and Assistance Programs are Under Corruption:

As the Central Somali Community living In India since 2000, we would to inform all our Community members who making Argument within the Community and  using Somali Community name, really they are very cheap and even others are believing and One day reality will come out even they hide the facts and the reality for in Hundred Centuries.



We have seen our family,relative,friends,our Community  dying and pass away on daily basis here in India for starvation and all of them are losing in their lives in  simple diseases like : Malaria,Anemia,cholera and etc,most of our Community didn’t have Proper shelter that protecting to the winter,enough Food for hunger protection forgot about clothing, Education, Healthcare  etc in shortly we say we don’t have Basic Human Needs.


Apart from that the Central Somali Community appealing to the Indian Government, Donor Countries,Humanitrian Organization, Indian Civil Society and Somali People around the World of our  Alert  Voiceless and Disaster Situations faced and troubled our lives  here in India plus the World aid is not reaching to us at all and it’s goes other than Refugees as a Corruption basis.



The UNHCR and it’s NGos partners are every busy  Collecting of  World Humanitarian Aid day by day, year to year  and Assistance Refugees Programs in our  names, Photos as a Refugees and  they putting in their  Computer systems, they distributing to the Refugees less then 1 percent in order to say we given to the Refugees and poor people  to the Assistance Aid that they collected most of the Assistance Aid programs in different Communities around the World  and instead of going to the Innocent poor and Refugees Societies but unfortunately all efforts are  going as a wrong direction as a black money and Corruption basis only, so that  it’s biggest Humanitarian Abuses ever in India last Two decide.


Last and not the Least we have to United each other in order to overcome this Natural Disaster here in Indian and to help our weakness  in Generally and we have to stop making spy each others and giving Community secrets to the UNHCR STAFFs and NGos partners that intelligent work  it’s really and Reality damaging personal dignity and Community as general also  it’s unacceptable like these job, therefore we have to fight such bad habit also kills our personality and Somali dignity.



As Community We are feeling that ALL HUMANITARIAN AID OR ASSISTANCE REFUGEES PROGRAMS are used Business Oriented and personal Use and  it’s unfortunately and against all principles and objectives of the UNHCR  and also the International Law and Human Rights act in 1951.

World should keep on eye the massive roots of the Corruption of the UNHCR here in India in order to save different  innocent Refugees  in India and the UNHCR Office  tite-up with money power in everything and also all Operations. the Somali people are become like  spelt-milk  in any were in this earth and most disaster Countries are South Africa,Kenya,Yemen and India and Somali Refugees are dying above mentioned and they facing all Humanitarian abuses and unreported to the International Community, Concerned Organizations and other World ?.



By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.blackgold),

Freelance Journalist and Advocate For Somali Community in India, 9171775140/9654681518.

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