A three Phases Contract in Africa at this 21 Century:

In many times and different locations agreed the Kenyan Authorities and the United Nations of the Refugees agency (UNHCR) to return all Somali Refugees who living in Kenyan territory to their home Somalia, although Kenya having and enjoying  NFD after collapse of the Great Somalia in 1991.

When federal Somali Government comes to power the UNHCR came to the Somali Government of Returning  Somali refugees proposal in different countries in particularly neighbor  countries such as:Kenya,Ethiopia,and Asian Countries like: Yemen and India.


Federal Somali Government and the UNHCR sign and Agreement last years in Mogadishu to return Somali Refugees to Somalia and security concerns is so risk and the agreement is very dangerous to the Human lives in particularly innocent Somali Refugees in the World.


The Central Somali Community in India and other Somali Communities in the Global are rejecting all purposes and such agreements who harming the Somali Refugees lives and it’s against Human Rights Violations, also it’s unacceptable so that all of them should respect Geneva Convention in 1951.


Many experts are feeling that those agreements are something hurry up now and not reached in their time therefore the International Community and Donor Countries should intervene the disaster in order to save Refugees lives and fight A THREE PHASES CONTRACT IN AFRICA AT THIS 21 CENTURY, it’s biggest expression of different experts and Somali Communities in the earth.

Every three of them seeking  justification for his bad done things in the past and also all of them are fighting to expand in their income only and different purpose issues but always reality is coming one day even if it’s late.


World and Concerned Organizations should intervene the Humanitarian abuses in different parties in the World in particularly in Africa and it should be quickly  responsibility and accountability all this THREE PHASES and what they did of the cheating, making black money, seeking  and buying votes in the future and other Reported Corruptions of the Reuters in Africa.


By: Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.blackgold),

Tell.no:(91) 9171775140/9654681518.

Freelance Journalist and Advocate for Somali Community in India.

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