While some NGOs are protesting about the accusation of intelligence bureau that some NGOs receive foreign funds which are misused ,  the question arises in one’s mind immediately  as to why these NGOs receive funds from abroad at all. Can they not function well with the money made available to them by the government (around Rs. 950 crores per annum)  and by many donors in India ?


While it is true that many NGOs are doing good work in  several areas, there is suspicion that quite a number of NGOs in the country view the NGO activities as “business opportunity” perhaps, this explains as to why there are around   20 lakh  number of NGOs in the country at present. ( One for every 600 citizens)  Several  promoters of NGOs who are not employed and who have no known source of income often are seen living in comfortable life style, with posh office facilities and  travelling frequently. Obviously, such promoters divert part of the donation made to the NGOs for their personal benefits. It is also believed that under the cover of NGO, the overseas funds are used for conversions and other purposes under the guidance of overseas masters.


NGOs have very crucial role to play, since large percentage of countrymen living  below poverty line and exploitation of the innocent  people and atrocities against women are increasing.. At the same time, it has to be ensured that bad elements and  motivated  campaigners do not hide their true colour in the name of NGOs.


Certainly, there is strong case that Government of India should closely monitor the activities of NGOs particularly those receiving funds from abroad  and NGOs should be brought under RTI Act.


It would be even appropriate that Government of India should ban the practice of NGOs receiving  funds from abroad once for all.Government of India should the shameful starvation of the different Nations Community Refugee such as:Afghanistan,Iraq,Sudan,Somalia,Burma,Myanmar,Sri lankaand we have fight the massive Roots of the United Nations Refugees agency (UNHCR) and it’s NGOs partners across the Country.


We have to evaluate and Consider the Refugees Compliment  about  the great  mismanagement of the UNHCR Office and their  carelessness of the Refugees here in India last Two decide.


“A Great Humanity Feelings and Expressions”



Shri N.S.Venkataraman,

Nandini Voice For The Deprived,



The Central Somali Community in India,


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