Refugees Compliment of Huge Hacking and Cheating of the Electric city


The Central Somali Community in India are done major investigation about number of hacking of mails and the Electric city and becoming common all the people even the asylum seekers and Refugees in India.

Normally hacking is used forcriminal issues like hacking Bank accounts, and officials website of the particularly government and always between two enemy countries but now it’s becoming something normal and may see hacking between husband and wife so it’s creates our technology destruction and negative instead of success and development of our human innovations.

From 2000 hackers are getting double and increasing in south Asia and many banks are suffering and hundreds and thousands of different customers in the region in particularly in India. “my account someone hack and take from my account 6 lacks 2006 and still I’m suffering that huge loss of my self”priya said

In 2010 someone hack the Tamil Nadu general jail website and he delete all records of the prisons and the Government got more trouble, number of losses and spending much energy on that to reach the result or giving proper investigation the hacker roots and his IP address, which area he sitting, kinds of network he using wireless or WAN internet Connections. All transactions or coughing of the hacker are needed expenses and petrol with wisdom and professional investigator and hacker means a person who uses Computer to gain unauthorized access to data and in other words a person or thing that hacks or cut roughly. for Individuals they doing all criminal things to become rich in one day and there are other purposes like to to getting secrets and spying/intelligence purposes between two enemy governments.

On the other hand different family Refugees are giving compliment concerned about a massive cheating of Electric city cheating on variety bill charges and the clashes are come out and it’s now in the Media and the public domains Afghani people are saying Somali Refugees are now complain about charging different Amount or extra bill of Electric City, water cheating, expired medicine, expired food, Gas cheating, Milk Expired etc “ we have experience more than One Century “said Afghan Community and we can come over such cheating and Corruption Unity and unique demonstration to show and express our hardships, the pathetic situation, trouble and unacceptable humanitarian abuses last two decides that we have seen both the Community Afghan Refugees and Somali Refugees in India.

By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.blackgold),
Freelance Journalist and Advocate for Somali Community in India, 9171775140/9654681518.

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