Indian Passport Possess Indian Nation Or for the UNHCR?

As per the latest Report of the UNHCR in India they are declaring that
the total of Refugees are 24,000 and they are come from a different
countries like Afghanistan,Burma,mymar,Iraq,Iran,Sudan and Somalia.The
displaced different societies are suffering last Two decades as the
World Assistance Programs are Under Corruption and now Refugees are
dying for starvation in the Oceans and in the hosted countries and
India is party of it.Nowa-days displaced people are become an asset
and  they are exploiting  the Aid for evacuated people and they making
finesse of generating black and Corruption income both hosting
countries and the UNHCR Officials and Humanitarian Assistance Aid of
the World became as at your fingertips.

The Number of the Somali Refugees in the UNHCR Office in India which
are under registration are 715 Refugees. But in 2010 the Somali
Refugees are more than 1,500 people, consists of a different society
categories such as: Women, Children and Old age living across in
India. They living with hardships life and the pathetic situations and
also they cannot make any single complain in their basic Rights of
SHELTERING, FOOD,CLOTHING and etc and other evil thing such
as:mismanagement,mistreatment, without consideration and other
misconduct things in the Refugees in generally.

What is more the indirectly Corruption of the UNHCR office about the
Resettlement and other Humanitarian Assistance programs for Refugees,
the Somalia refugees started to go and seek asylum in the developed
countries and now suddenly they got route from India to Indonesia then
to Australia as a new routine for the Asylum seekers and Refugees in
particularly the Somali Refugees  and Huge Number of the Somali
Refugees are day and night overloaded the boats and small ships in the
oceans in order to reach Western Countries to get protection and come
out the massive roots of the corruption going in India and
unfortunately the  UNHCR Office in India becoming number one corrupted
Office  in South Asia ever in History  since 1951, when we talking
about the  Humanitarian Abuses affairs happing daily in India last Two

Now the UNHCR branch in India making an extraordinary/extreme and
extravagant Work for the Refugees and it’s providing Indian passport
to the Refugees and they exhorting to take it, the candidate should be
Seattle in India and other Documents displaced people getting are:
Residential Permit (RP) and voting Cards for Election Purposes  and
they doing to expand of their treachery income for allotted uneducated
displaced society   and also  innocent refugees are much  surprised
the new policy of they  taken,  it’s really unexpected from the UNHCR
Office in New Delhi-India . It’s big dream of the UNHCR Officials and
now started applying although is very less  and some  others are
feeling that  it’s meaningless  and to apply  Indian citizenship.

we don’t know how much the BJP Government will response and  Indian
population at large and also we don’t know how much it will work the
cheap of the UNHCR dream in South Asia in particularly here in India
and it’s excavate Indian corruption underground remember that legally
Indians are not sign Geneva Convention in 1951 of the Refugees
programs and  already Indians are over populated so that the living
and work opportunities conditions are getting very difficult   both
Indian citizens and uneducated refugees. what is more The
discrimination among Indians are very high, the security concerns is
under worst situation and displaced people are under finger, even
women are not save in India as we reported many times in the Media.
The basically Indian citizens and Refugees are not same in Ethically,
Religion, Colour and culturally therefore cannot live in One Country.

The matter is virgin in refugees and in the public domain eyes and
also different political regional parties are giving an alert in their
surprise to the matter and they suggesting that the Indian Government
should spent time and many  further complete  investigation about the
shameful of the entire Humanitarian Abuses of the UNHCR last Two
Decides in India. As per western intelligences if these policy
authorized, “The dreaming western wining and everything in their hand
across India and they will control under their remote control”.

By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.blackgold),
Freelance Journalist and Advocate For Somali Community in India, 9171775140/9654681518.

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