A Criminal Activities are speed up in India last Two Decades:

12/09/2014 the date when it attacked journalist Kassim Isse Dhuhulow  by the six men with a luxury car and it was Friday Night  around  10:30 PM, the reporter  he went to his dinar in outside Hostel and the failure attempts took place on his back to his house and the area  there is no enough  light and it is very dark, after a while ago discovered words insults, defamation and discrimination about black colur, after three of them have tried by force to put in the car, but it has not happen suddenly started  war and noise between the reporter and assassination and kidnapping group attackers and they make him a different torture and other in humanity and the assassination attempt and fortunate all attempts were failure.

When come neighbor near to the area then the  six men they quickly escaped  , and  run away by their car, the attackers were identified  three Indians and three African  although they hiding their faces  in the car and the area so  dark and there’s no enough electric city in that area and already  happen so many cases in the area.

Journalist  Dhuhulow he is living with his friend house for  temporarily, for  security concerns ,his  health is good except for the shock, horror and much of the brain holds the night  assassination, kidnapping  incidents ,also he didn’t get  enough sleeping , because he afraid his personal safety.

Somali Reporter is treated as in humanity with their off very badly beaten up when he was taken to a hospital unconscious and his recovery opening one week duration and now he feels better.

We do not know the cause of the assassination and kidnapping against self Somali journalist living in India during more than two decades as a Refugee here in India.

Nowa-days  the Criminal activities are getting  increasing and speed up  such as: Assassinations,Kidnapping,Woman gan-rape,Human trafficking across India were they affected citizens as well as the different Community Refugees here in India last Two decades plus Corruption.

By:Mohamed Abdi-Secretary

The Central Somali Community in India,


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