Why the BJP Encouraging the UNHCR Massive Corruption plus permission ?

Open latter to the Headquarters of the BHARATIYA  JANATA PARTY,ASHOK ROAD,NEW DELHI-INDIA.
       The Central Somali Community in India @ www.csomalian.wordpress.com
     Sumitra Mahajan ji Speaker of Lock Sabha
Respected Madam…
As we the Central Somali Community in India since 2000,we would to express our feelings towards Corruption here in India for the past Two decades.
Unfortunately Indian citizens and Refugees are dying for starvation although the Indian media hiding the Refugees starvation and it’s against the claiming of Indian largest of democracy and in generally also against Humanity at all.
let us take you in 1996 atar  vajpyee time BJP all agreed that the Refugees are illegal and the UNHCR should get solution with in one year,because legal Indian do not sign Geneva convention in 1951.
but now unfortunately system has become corrupted and every thing has corrupted you are Indian,you know better than us what is going on under ground.
the surprised things is that suppose if apply the Refugees status you have wait one or two years,then if get it you have to go Developed countries like USA,CANADA,AUSTRALIA and etc.
Now System has changed you have take Corruption paper called illegibility resettlement paper and already Geneva has recognized the refugees.
what is more surprised at current  the UNHCR office in visant vihar New Delhi-India  are now enjoying the Corruption agreement between them and the BJP ruling party.
so the question is what is wrong with BJP now,they fighting corruption like AAM ADAMI PARTY and  they encouraging the Massive roots of Corruption of the UNHCR for the Two decades here in South Asia (India ) ?
Mohame Abdi-Secretary.

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