Twinges Indian women to the Refugees:

As we are the Central Somali Community in India since 2000,it’s very sad that even the women of India are are not save and they suffering as a refugees on daily woman and  rape and sexual abuses, they become like Refugees in their own homeland.
If the  citizens of the Country  like that what about refugees ? who don’t have any rights,voices in India and the refugees also are giving in their complaining concerns about the Indian officials and the UNHCR Corruption for the past two decades but no body interesting,people of India becoming materialism nation and every thing Under money only that’s why the evil of Corruption become blood of every Indian or party of his body.
Still and yet We are not give up to report such Humanitarian Assistance Aid Corruption in India to the World and it’s unreported matters but unfortunately the  world media and Indian media both are Corrupted and the Refugees are dying for simple diseases and the  starvation in particularly woman and children of every community jn the refugees in India
The all most more than thousand people lost their valuable lives of different communities  and mostly are under registration of the mandate of the UNHCR in Visant vihar New Delhi-India
Really and for reality the UNHCR Office in New Delhi-India is not open for the  refugees and the  displaced people at all if it so they can  help and support  to the innocent displaced people and for surely they are in needed refugees world support and Indian Government support but unfortunately system has corrupted and World Assistance Aid goes other than refugees  and poor people here in India and it goes to the UNHCR Officials as Corruption basis for the past two decades.
By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (mr.blackgold),
Freelance Journalist and advocate for Somali Community in India,
Central Somali Community in India:
“Exposing  the Massive Corruption Involved by the Staff of the UNHCR Office in New Delhi-India”. 9171775140/9533305680/9654681518.

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