Eathquake Devestates nepal and India

More than three thousand and two hundred eighteen people have been reported after a huge 7.9 Mignitude earthquake hit Nepal as per lacal and International Media and rescue efforts are goin on to find out injuries and dead bodies inside destroyed buildings and it is affected all societies,tourism and the Refugees in the Country.

the Rescue and Hospital Officials are told to the Media that the Hospitals are full and medicals and drugs are very shortage and the Nepals are under worst of Humanatarian ever in the Country since 1934 and this one is seven earthquake in the history.


this earthquake is not only destroyed to the residential buildings also destroyed to the different historucal buildings,mesums and business stores both areas everest Avalanche and Kathmandu and it is huge loss to the society and to the Nepal Government.

The Doctors are worry about spreading of Killer diseases such:Malaria,Chrela,Anemia and T.B and the doctors are giving an alert concerned about Humanatarian disaster and less the World provide enough medical equipment and drug items to the patients.


On the other hand also India reported at 62 people were killed same earthquake from Nepal in different areas in India and places are bihar,Assam,Kolkota,utter pradhesh (U.P) And now indians are worry their lives and Every Indian speaking about the losses of earthquake in  Nepal and India.

also it is affects so much all Refugees in both Countries and the Refugees are feeling without rights and voiceless as the World Assistance Aid goes other Refugees that is why the Refugees are doing risk travelling over sea and “the Refugees are in between boats and sea”.

The Central Somali Community in India since 2000 ( believing that if the World and donor countries put all savegard and machanisms of fighting  agianst the massive roots of the UNHCR corruption in particularly Financial Managememnt and Humanatarian Visas qouta in otder to save Innocent Refugees that the UNHCR officials killing indirectly as per 2001,2007,2009 Nairobi,New York and Sydney and much more transparency read our Community blog ( )

and the Refugees are believing that the European Union of their commitments about the destroying of the small boats in libya that the African immigrant Using is not ending and they encouraging the United Nations Refugees agency (UNHCR) Corruption and it is lutting of the World Assistance Aid for the Refugees programs particularly In India.

By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (mr.blackgold),

Freelance Journalist and advocate for Somali Community in India, 9171775140/9654681518.



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