13 years Somali Refugees boy die on Cancer in New Delhi-India:

As per max hospital doctors and the hospital administrations they are declaring that “the Refugees living in India they do not get access proper health care system at all”Abdiwhen he admitted our hospital he was so serious and his condition unpredictable and unfortunately passes away at young age and it’s irresponsibility, carelessness both the Indian Government and the UNHCR Office here in New Delhi-India.


Nowa-days the Somali Refugees are dying for starvation and most of the refugees are losing their valuable lives the curable diseases like malaria,anemia,chrela and T.B. and the Somali Refugees are waiting their graves in south Asia particularly in India.


The Un Refugees Agency fails to provide the Humanitarians Assistance that the Refugees are in-need such as: Shelter,Food,Cloth and all essentials for man kind to live normally in this world,intead of giving and supporting they cut-down all Assist5ance Aid for Refugees and the World Assistance Aid goes other than Refugees on Corruption basis and the innocent Refugees are dying Indian streets and in front of the UNHCR as qua of their death and they give up their lives already.


The Somali Refugees are in between boats and death in oceans especially in Indonesia and Libya concern so that our elite and our elders should take an action to save our generations in the future and how we can registered the Somali Refugees passing away in India on daily basis as an animals.


By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (mr.blackgold),

Freelance Journalist and Advocate for Somali Community in India,

Tell.no:(+91) 9171775140/9654681518.

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