As we the Central Somali Community in India since 2000, we would to condemning  all allegations regarding baseless of frauds about FAKE stamps in Hyderabad by the two Somali Nationals  as per the police and Indian Media.
Even the Somali students and most the Somali Refugees are fearing them selves Because they afraid to put a FAKE CASE from the Police,Intelligences after their experiences regarding INDIAN CORRUPTION CONCERNED.
every thing has become corrupted here in India and most of Somalis are refugees and the refugees are risk Indian security but the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (U.N.H.C.R) are using money power.
We collected different Indian Media and transparency organizations in India more than 400 cases such as:
 police corruption and C.B.I are more than 17 cases,members of Indian Parliament,Immigration is unlimited and they taking bribe directly without fearing.
We appealing to the International Community as well as the Indian anti Corruption society and they have to fight against the massive roots of the Un refugees agency in visant viahr New Delhi-India and also they have to make a genuine investigation regarding the graves of the Somali refugees in New Delhi and other states in India and unfortunately India became most Corrupted Country in the World as the Western Media.
The Central Somali Community in India

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