Kassim Isse Dhuhulow Resettlement equal Somali Resettlement in INDIA:

New Delhi-India | October 10, 2016 |  Kassim gets his resettlement after 14 years of duration of time and he was writer of Humanitarian Corruption in South Asia (INDIA) and India is HUB corruption of Nation.Kassim Isse Dhuhulow he came to India at young age and he took  of his gold age across India.

 Mr.dhuhulow Registered to the UNHCR 13 May 2005,He Recognized as a Refugee in 12 August 2008,now body knows why they delay his status and he spent his life in India without any Assistance from the UNHCR except registration as a asylum-Seeker.

Dhuhulow he is Young Somali Journalist and Advocate Somali Community in India and he is Founder of the Central Somali Community in India 2000 and at that time only for Students Services like Admissions, Police problems and other Criminal activities may happen in the Society.

The Central Somali Community in India start to write massive Roots of the Corruption of the UNHCR 2002 when the United Nations Agency For Refugees started to put pan to the Refugees who applying Directly to the Embassies as it’s before. now you can not apply without getting latter from the UNHCR and the Latter is called Resentment latter or in other words permission latter and we don’t know why they accepted all western embassies on that Corrupted and acceptable proposals and in addition that now Refugees are dying for starvation, killer diseases, poverty and etc.

After that the UNHCR Officers put in his case under black list what officers called and the reason is that they do not want to put public domain the massive roots of the UNHCR officers,mismanagement and spreading of starvation of Refugees across India.the Somali Journalist give up their UNHCR Support when they cut-down all assistance Aid for Refugees and at time dead hundred of Refugees in India and the situation become like Ethiopian starvation 1984.

He published many articles to the Indian Media but unfortunately every thing Corrupted in India and Corruption has become blood every INDIAN although now the security and tension high when the conflict of Kashmir started and it is big concerned to region as well as to the World.

The total of Somali Refugees are between 1,500 to 2,000 as an average and daily Somali Refugees are registering to the UNHCR and they only getting registration only and they supposed to get all human needs such as:Shelter,Food,Cloth,education and Health care etc.more than 671 of Somali National dead for Starvation in different areas Indian territory and Refugees as dogs and they do not have Rights and any voice at all in this World.