The Tanznian girl assaulted plus humanitarian Corruption in India

A 21-year-old Tanzanian girl was allegedly stripped, assaulted and paraded naked by a mob in Bannglore city on Sunday, while local police stood as mute bystanders. The woman’s car was also torched and her four friends were beaten up too. The mob was reportedly incensed after another car driven by a Sudanese youth ran over and killed a 35-year-old local.

Later, Banglore  city Police filed FIR against 4 suspects and arrested them.

The Tanzanian girl is a second year BBA student and has no relation with the man involved in the incident. The girl also tried to board a bus and escape from the location, however, the passengers threw her back into the mob.

Bosco Kaweesi, Legal Adviser of All African Students Union in Banglore city, told the daily, “She’s Tanzanian, the man who caused the accident comes from Sudan, they didn’t even know each other.”

The angry mob later also burnt the car that was not involved in the incident and thrashed the bystander who had come forward to cover her with a T-Shirt.

When the victim later went to the police station to lodge a complaint, the cops reportedly refused to register the case and asked her to bring the driver who ran over the 35-year-old woman.

“When the girl did not even know about the accident or the spot where it happened, how can she bring in the driver of the car,” said Bosco.

The report also claims that the local mob was hunting for houses where Africans stayed and harassed them.

on the other hand the Somali Refugees are facing a great different challenges in India what more spreading Humanitarian Corruption link with different Officials Indians and the UNITED NATIONS HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR REFUGEES (UNHCR) IN NEW DELHI-INDIA.

By:Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.blackgold),

Freelance Journalist and advocate for Somali Community in India, 8375076307/9171775140,

New Dehi-India.






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