The Failure of the UNHCR in the World Mission:

The Failure of the UNHCR  in the World Mission:

 The UNHCR Mission has been initialized by entice group of pioneers and world well-knowledge people who had over fifty years of experience for global integrity and wide spread multi-cultural flexibility and diversity as well.

The Modern employees of the UNHCR across the globe specifically Asia and Africa in general these employees are worsened in very tremendously as per the current figures of the UN annual staff report.

unhc-1This numbers are indicating a very weak environment of working as a team and not individuals. the lack of co-ordination and co-existence among themselves is very un-tolerable,the reason is simple and it occurs on failure of employees efforts and misunderstanding among themselves and wastage of human value and integrity so it remembering us the principle of management which says:(Put the right person to the right place) for better employees it is in other words the tool of maintaining comprises and distinguishing employees according to their capacities and performance and not the relatively relationship among employees in one hand and their respectiveunhc-3managers to promote them into core  positions and recommending more than necessary.

The latest starvation numbers has been soaring for the past three decades in a very rapid notice of much displaced a Refugee in Africa, but Somalia has led world’s list catastrophic list of suffered Countries as UN’S ENVOY reports as shown  and it is  devastated human disastrous which insensible human tragedy has been notified and seen in the continent of Africa.

This kind of negligence from the management side leading the popular and this reputable and prestigiousunhc-2organization so called UNHCR or UN-Refugees Agency.

The Organic contribution has been manipulated and human pathology has been undertaken in several members like replacement of human body parts also they have been using child’s vulnerability as a human shilled and to be more eligible to shows the donors Countries to take the advantage of those vulnerable account for the sake of Aid and humanitarian assistance and help.


By: Kassim Isse Dhuhulow (Mr.blackgold),

Freelance Journalist and advocate for Somali Community in India,

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